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The Twelfth Age: A Modern Myth
275 pages, retails at $19.95.
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The El-eventh Hour: A Modern Myth 307 pages, retails at $19.95. Online orders receive 20% discount. Your price: $15.96


The Tenth Muse: A Modern Myth
270 pages retails at $14.95. Online orders receive 20% discount. Your price: $11.96


The shining star at Blooming Rose Press: The Third Verse Trilogy in a boxed, shrink-wrapped set ~ a splendid and wisdom-filled gift for yourself or someone you love. Totals 896 pages. Retails at $59.95.
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What is The Third Verse Trilogy?

The trilogy is built on spirals. When we open our eyes we see them everywhere, from DNA to galaxies. The ultimate spiral is our evolution into enlightenment. So these spirals we see in and around us are transformational symbols. Readers are engrossed in a miraculous wisdom-filled allegory for planet Earth in three volumes, expanding into the relationship of Earth with its parallel planet Zamora through the lives of Earth’s Opal and Zamora’s Sapphire, then the emergence of The Tenth Muse; next, in Vol. II, Miranda’s earthly spiral through physical and spiritual experiences assisted by high priest Antenor and an ethereal race called The Els in subterranean Andes; finally, Vol. III’s extraordinary futuristic visions of transformations in human consciousness through Zamoran Tashami-roku’s quest. Her passion for uncovering mysteries about Stair, an ancient prophet, links Earth and Zamora’s mutual fate. Midwest Book Review: “Deftly woven trilogy of mythology, romance, fantasy, and spiritual insights…represents independent publishing at its very best.”

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