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Rigdzin Ling Gallery, Page Two

Continued tour of some of the magnificent 300+ acres of the Chagdud Gonpa Nyingma Buddhist center called Rigdzin Ling (Place of the Awareness Holders) through the photographs below, taken April 7-10, 2016, by Lily G. Stephen. You may return to Page One of these photos or to the report about the weekend. These links also appear at the bottom of this page.

Guru Rinpoche statue. The tight schedule did not coincide with sunshine on the exquisite face; at nighttime, illumination bestowed a magical beauty, especially to the sun disk behind him, and that vision was perfectly centered in the glass door of the room where I stayed.

This stone-lined trail leads to Vista Ridge that is adorned with prayer flags.

Tara House, pond, and stupa pavilion from Vista Ridge.

Opposite direction from Vista Ridge, into the wilderness.

Entrance to Tara House.

Lotus House. Guest accommodations, where I stayed.

Just after dawn on 4/11/16, goodbye pictures. After a few tries, there was no opportunity to photograph inside the shrine room, as it was continually in use. Yet what a blessing to have these pictures!

You may return to Page One of these photos or to the report about the weekend.

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