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Astrology as a Spiritual Path

By Glenn Arthur Kaufmann

...these forty years later, I am still in awe at the songs of life the Grand Architect has written for us in the stars.

Looking back on my life, I can see that prior to my understanding the tenets of Astrology I would not have called myself a very spiritual man. The only time I ever went to church was for the local Boy Scout meetings and the occasional Easter or Christmas service. My parents were Christians but not at all religious, although my father did substitute Jesus for alcohol when I was an early teen. I grew up around horses and dogs, preferring their presence over people, wandering the woods around my homes with my trusted companions. I did not care why life existed. I only cared about myself, my musical career and my non-human friends. Jesus. Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster. None of them mattered to me. I was young, smart and voracious.

Singing and performing introduced me to the Muses, the openness, the willingness to channel the sublime and almost angelic melodies I heard in my head. I knew I was tapping into another world, although I never once associated it with God or Spirit.

Not until I discovered Astrology. Suddenly, music had a basis, or foundation, that was stupendous as well as sublime.  Mathematics that unveiled the affinities of all notes and sounds to the sky and the stars and planets. Twelve half tones, or keys, in an octave, twelve signs of the zodiac. Seven whole tones, seven “planets”. The movement and construct of planetary cycles creating the tones and melodies. The multitude of compositions that were possible were astounding. The whole universe was singing continually, making music above, around, and in me.

And thus, I became aware of God. I became more than myself, and these forty years later, I am still in awe at the songs of life the Grand Architect has written for us in the stars. To me, Astrology has proven that God exists, whether he is in someone’s life or not. It’s all there for us to see, and hear, once you understand what you are looking at. The mere contemplation of what Astrology speaks brings wonder, and beauty, and awe to my life. Looking outward to the sky and stars has conditioned me to see God in any direction I look. As above, so below. The hermetic maxim. God within, and without. Astrology as a spiritual discipline has made me adapt this maxim to as above, sow below. I now strive to see what God has written throughout our world and then emulate that in everything I do here on Earth. I strive to play the tunes God wrote, and interpret and perform, with as little bias and judgement and as much love and understanding that I can muster. Is this not what a spiritual path consists of? The ever-present awareness of God, whether oneness, fullness, or emptiness, and the desire to partake in, or emulate, that presence.

Practicing Astrology takes a lot of patience, too. Knowing that we have an 84-year cycle we all experience and then having to wait around for the cycle to play out in our lives takes decades. Only patience allows us to forgive ourselves for not getting there sooner. Patience also leads to compassion, and forbearance, which are also the intended consequence of a spiritual path.

Astrology takes a lot of education, contemplation, and meditation. An Astrology chart is like the score of a grand opera. It is also a mandala. By contemplating the mandala and reading the score, there is an immediate and deep understanding of who that person is and what God has offered them in this incarnation, and why. Which takes me to another famous axiom, written over the entrance to the Temple of Delphi, "Know thyself." Putting astrology into practice has been a constant application of this axiom, and I still learn more of God’s plan, and my delivery, every time I look deeply into my own chart. It has become my spiritual duty to do so for any who would ask the same. This is what walking the path of Astrology entails. I call it the point of know return. Faith can be broken. Knowingness cannot. I am nothing like the kid I once was. And I owe the lion’s share to knowing and practicing Astrology. I thank God I was given the opportunity. And I will forever be grateful for I know I will never stop and would ever want to.

This path may be long and winding, yet it is not a destination I seek. It is the knowingness that there is nothing BUT God, beside me on my path and all around me at every turn and tune. Whether a devotee like myself, or a fledgling aspirant to the spiritual path, one would do well to make use of such a powerful and spiritual discipline as Astrology.

By permission of the author, Glenn Arthur Kaufmann
To explore what Glenn has to offer, visit mountshastaastrologer.com

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